2014 Final Placings

Congratulations to all the Winners and Place Getters and a big ‘Thank You’ to all the helpers! It has been another GREAT year.

2014 Presentation Results

02 November – The Lakes – Awaba

Class Pre 70 Pre 75 250 Pre75  >263cc Pre75  All Powers
1st Noel Lewis Sean Hardman Jens Olsen Jens Olsen
2nd Reece Shepeard Greg Scriven Douglas Taylor Greg Scriven
3rd Mark Birkett Noel Lewis Steven Cherrett Sean Hardman
Class Pre78  125cc Pre78  250cc Pre78  >263cc Pre78 All Powers
1st Sean Hardman Sean Hardman Sean Hardman Sean Hardman
2nd Scott Grant Mark Birkett Greg Scriven Mark Birkett
3rd Noel Lewis Peter Rindlisbacher Scott Grant Scott Grant
Class EVO 125cc EVO 250cc EVO >263cc EVO All Powers
1st Shane Coleman Carl Rindlisbacher Stephen Rouse Carl Blecher
2nd Justin Wiesemes Carl Blecher Ray Hughes Carl Rindlisbacher
3rd Mark Birkett Shaun Tomkins Darren Wright Anthony Hughes
Class Pre85  125cc Pre85  250cc Pre85  >263cc Pre85 All Powers
1st Sean Hardman David Harding Carl Blecher David Harding
2nd Stephen Rouse Shaun Tomkins Stephen Rouse Carl Blecher
3rd Shane Coleman Caleb Drabsh Shane Coleman Stephen Rouse
Class 4 Stroke >263cc 4 Stroke 250cc Juniors Ladies Pre65 Roy East
1st Justin Wiesemes Carl Blecher Sam Hardman Brigitte Lewis Carl Blecher
2nd Bruce Cowley Shane Coleman Ricky Hill Teagen Lewis Mike Weller
3rd Bruce Mansel Harry Lamb Ty Cowley Jenny Howe Paul Brent



Club top 10 Top 3 over 50yrs Clubpersons

Club Person  of the Year


Sean Hardman Carl Blecher Tracie Beverly

Noel Lewis


David Harding Mark Birkett Geoff Branch


Carl Blecher Greg Scriven Phil Gollan


Mark Birkett Diana Harding


Stephen Rouse Robert Hill


Shane Coleman Dennis Myers


Scott Grant Glenn Pickering


Greg Scriven Stephen Relf


Justin Wiesemes Greg Tow


Noel Lewis Justin Wiesemes