2014 VMX Rnd 2 – Canberra

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Well, after a false start at Cessnock due to the Heaven’s opening up, none of us have an excuse for our trusty steeds not being ‘Ready to Race’ in the back blocks of our Nations Capital on the weekend of March 29/30.

For those of you who haven’t raced at Fairburn Park, just outside Queenbeyan, the Canberra MOTOCROSS Race Weekend is a classic ol’ school style road trip, just like the ones we used to take back in the day. The track is a great track with excellent facilities and is always well prepared. So load up the Kingswood, and if you really want a weekend of VMX nostalgia, drive up over the ranges through Picton, stop off for a bite at the Paragon in Goulburn and take a walk around the old Karma Gutza MX track up in the woods behind the new track. Enough to bring a tear to the eye!

Download the Flyer Here 2014 Canberra Flyer

Note: For those who entered Cessnock and want to carry their entry fee over to Canberra, you still need to fill out the Entry Form for Canberra, send it in and let Greg know you’d like to use your Entry Fee from Cessnock to pay for Canberra.

It’s marked in Google Maps as Canberra Speedway


And another reminder,

Just a reminder that membership are now overdue. Please get those renewal forms in. There have been many new member application which is great news and will see a lot of new faces and new bikes at the first round.

Finally, it has been confirmed that rear sprocket guards are back in for 2014. This rule was with us in 2012 and caused concerns for several members and the classic MX and DT areas were granted exemptions from the requirement in 2013. That exemption has been removed for 2014. The rule reads as follows  A chain guard made of suitable material must be fitted in a way to prevent trapping between the lower drive chain run and the final drive sprocket at the rear wheel.

The interpretation given for this rule is that the contact point between the lower chain run and rear sprocket needs to be guarded to prevent fingers from entering the pinch point.

This rule does not need to cause great concern for most people. Almost all EVO & Pre85 bikes already comply along with a large percentage of Pre78 bikes. Bikes that do not only require simple guards it does not required large addition brackets welding onto swingarms etc. often simple sections of a plastic number plate cable tied in position or even brackets clamped to the swingarm or small extensions to the existing guides is all that is required.