Canberra Round 2 Report

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Events |

Clearing Canberra table tops with an Evo Huskies, Maicos and Yamahas. Some of our guys were on fire this weekend.Perfect clear skys day and night. Minus around 3 both nights. The smarter riders didn’t stay out camping in canvas tents, vans and bike trailers. All were coated in ice.Really good turn out of new and older members. Largest group I have seen in recent years at the Southern most Heaven race meeting.Saturdays practice track started out looking a bit like a bed of marbles, it had been machine ripped when it had a good amount of water in it. Riders soon found a smooth line or two around the whole track. Unfortunately Mickey #24 had a single bike spill whilst punting around on his 74 CZ. Trip in the white van into town. Shoulder in a sling now for a while. Wish him a quick fix.

4 sessions of around 40mins gave everyone enough practice and bike checking time. The sun dropped to eye level around 4pm – same time as we pulled up and settled into a bit of social catch up. Some excellent open fires kept the social talk going.  Only thing missing was Fernando and a bit of South African fire water. We were lucky to have him turn up for practice Saturday but unfortunately he had other commitments for Saturday night and race day.

Greg and Dennis machine groomed the track into the dark on Saturday night. Sunday morning we were lucky enough to have them take the perma frost of most of the track before a short practice. Then into some A grade racing.

Great spread of bikes across Pre 75, Ladies, 4 Strokes (more and more of these turning up), Pre 78, Evo and Pre 85. Two thirds grids for most groups.

Close racing most of the day. Some of the New Guys showed us how it is done on these modern tracks. Grant on his fathers Open Maicos, Pepe on the KTM 4 stroke, Horrie on a YZ 465, and Liam who just came up from Juniors to ride his fathers XC Husky really put on some action.

There was some smooth action from a few of the not so up front runners, Phil # 777 on his Evo and Pre 75 Huskies (missing a pre 78 to make the set) who has been perfecting his style over the last couple of years. Not one front end wash out all weekend. Wife will be over the moon when she sees the Uber Kleen Husky Jersey. Zero roost on the front and no muddy sleaves and back from steady speed tip overs. Peter Barber impressed the flaggies with his loose style and yelps of pleasure as he negotiated his Yammy trail bikes past their flag points.  Andrew on his pristine YZ 250 put in a tidy show this weekend as well. As usual the bike ran like a clock. No spills, no argie bargie, no break downs and no Running out of Fuel issues (Note this one Sean).

The guys that put together the flag marshalling teams for practice and the main event racing would like to extend their thanks to all those people who pitched in, signed up, turned up and helped the rest of us get a safe ride in over the weekend. Best coverage of flaggies ever I was told. And everyone was facing the right way. Hooray.

Next challenge is track watering to get the dust vs slippery ratio right.

Horrie # 32 and Carl Bletcher # 7 on his 490 Maico put on some of the closest, cleanest, fastest racing in recent times. Both racers aged on the other side of 50% showing us what 100% racing looks like. Both Ex A graders from when their bikes were new so I am told.

Jens Olsen arrived early (for a change) in his original Vintage Base Station (1972 Dyna Pantec). Brought a full range of Olsen Specials – TS 400, TS 185 hybrid and KX 125 down piper. Jens told me his factory mechanic is in charge of maintenance and R&D. Trouble is his mechanic is his pet Schnowzer pooch.

I had an interesting chat with Jens on Saturday and I asked him what year did he win the Australian MX Title. He had to think for a minute or so then said it was either 73 or 74. Obviously not that important to him now days. A true VMXer