Changes to Coolongolook meeting date

Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Events, News |

The Coolongolook event scheduled for late July is officially off at least for 2017. The meeting will be relocated too another track on the same date. Full details of were when we know.

I have been working towards the licencing process. It has now been confirmed that we will not be able to get the Dept of Sport & Recreation to approve the circuit. The reason is that the entry/exit from the Pacific highway does not meet safety requirments as the intersection which usually services just two residents) would require all entrants when leaving the venue to enter the highway without a merge lane and all those who arrive (which is >90%) from the south would need to execute a ‘U’ turn somewhere to head home.

I have to say thanks to all those that came and helped with the preliminary work on site and as they would confirm it would be a fantastic track. We have not abandon the possibility totally and the land owner is extremely keen to look at options but in the time frame from now to end of July it is impossible.