How to Join and Go Racing

Thinking about getting into racing?

It may seem a little daunting or even intimidating at first but in Heaven VMX Club you can go at your own pace. This is a friendly, low key no pressure club, with a focus on having a good time with like minded mates and staying safe.

Most of our meetings have a long session of Rec Riding/Practice on Saturdays before the weekend’s racing begins. That is a great time to get onto the track with a few other riders and get a feel for the track and the pace.

First question a budding VMX rider/racer asks is “Where do I start?”

First thing is the bike. If you have one made before 1995 then great, you have a head start. If not, what a lot of guys have done is think back on what their favourite bike was from ‘back in the day’ or that bike they always wanted, but for some reason never got it. That is usually a good start. Not sure what class to ride, take a look at our VMX classes page.

Once you have thought about which class or era you like, and which bike, then there is the For Sale section on this site, eBay (just search VMX), some Facebook Groups we can direct you to, plus a few VMX focused businesses across Australia selling VMX bikes.

Once you have your new ride, either freshly restored, something that you just bought off eBay or the bargain that you bought from the old bloke that had the “works MXer” barn find in his shed for 30 years, then the next step is go through our Heaven VMX Scrutineering Checklist to get it ride/race ready.

The next step is to join the club before you come to a race but you can join on the day if you are unsure. If you’d like to join, the link the club membership page is below.

You roll up early on a Saturday morning, the air full of anticipation.The pits are buzzing with all those other race hardened blokes (and girls), chatting away to each other about bikes and racing, with all those very shiny machines – and the noise, the smell! – aahh I love the smell of two stroke in the morning.

You sign on, take your bike to be scrutineered and get ready for practice. At Heaven we have long Practice sessions on the Saturday so you can get a lot of riding in. Before you know it, you are one of the fold, there are lots of other VMX tragics who have been through the same thing in the past – and believe it or not, used to have ONLY ONE BIKE!! They’re only too happy to introduce a fellow VMX addict to the fold – in fact most of them introduce themselves in the twelve-step fashion of – “Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a vmx addict” – or something like that, you can probably get the picture.

In more detail, these are the steps you have to go through to start racing – and I’ll ignore the fact that you may not have a bike yet – coz that’s just not gonna happen is it?

The steps to VMX Nirvana


You can join online by going to this link, Heaven VMX 2019 Membership Page

Get yourself a racing license

If you want to take it slow, you can buy ‘Day Licenses’ at each of our events, at a cost of $70 per weekend. If you only race a few meetings a year, this method can be cost effective and do the job. If however you decide you want to race all 7-8 events in the Heaven Calendar year, the best solution is to apply for an annual racing license. Motorcycling NSW can provide that for you after you fill in a few forms and part with a few dollars. Follow the the full process for getting your race licence here. MNSW Racing Licenses 

Become an Official

Now if you really want to get serious about racing and vintage motocross, then you want to consider becoming an MA Official. Being an official is great! – everybody is your friend, you immediately convey authority – ‘coz you can stop someone from racing if you want (and every racer hates that), you can make 100 fellow VMX tragics very happy, and you get to hang out with dirty, smelly, noisy old motorcycles for a weekend (a great excuse for the Mrs if she doesn’t like bikes…). Do yourself a favour and apply to be an Official here, all your VMX mates will love you forever… MNSW Officials