Heaven VMX Race Number Policy

Heaven VMX race numbers of current financial members are reserved up to the end of February the following year if those members have supported Heaven VMX events in previous seasons. The end of February cut-off allows a reasonable time for current members to renew their membership and a reasonable time for any number not retained to be reallocated before the new race season commences.

For members to retain their allocated Heaven VMX Race Number they must meet the following criteria:

  • Participate in 3 or more events over the previous two seasons (new members are treated on a pro-rata basis).
  • Be financial the previous year.
  • Have renewed their membership for the current year by end of February.

To apply for a new or alternative Race Number it would be appreciated if members could please follow the steps below:

  • New race number or number changes can be requested at any time although applications will be processed in the order received and only accepted via email to heaven.vmx@gmail.com
  • SMS, messages, or emails directly to Committee members, Facebook posts, Facebook messages, phone calls or any other method other than by email to heaven.vmx@gmail.com will not be processed.
  • Requests for a number or a number changes will not be ‘held over’ or kept active until a preferred number becomes available. You will need to re-apply the following year.

Note: Most Heaven VMX race numbers from 11 – 99 have been allocated to existing long-term members and rarely become available. When requesting a new or a change of race number it is advisable to list a number of preferred race number alternatives in order of preference including some 3 digit options.

Requests for either a new race number or to change your race number should be from financial members only and include your name, membership number, current race number and requested race number options (see note above).

From March 1 each year, race number requests will be processed in the order they were received and as indicated above cannot be held over until a preferred race number becomes available (If you are unsuccessful with a request this time, for future years you will need to submit a new request).

NOTE: From March 1 each year, all race numbers of un-financial members become available to current financial members.