Online Entry Form – 2015 VMX Rnd 1 – Canberra – Credit Card/PayPal

This is the Enter and Pay by Credit Card or PayPal Entry Form.
To Enter and pay by EFT, Cheque, or Money Order, please click here,

Please fill out one entry form for each rider. Family entries, one senior member to select the family payment option, and each junior or dependent to choose the $00.00 Junior/Dependent Family option.


Online Entry Form - 2015 Rnd 1 - Canberra - March 28/29.

  • Racing / Rec Riding License

  • Racing Numbers

  • All members must ride with a Heaven VMX allocated racing number in the correct size, on each side and on the front of each bike. Please ensure each bike has the correct number and background colour for the class of the bike. If you do not have a Heaven allocated Race Number, please contact our treasurer Mike Beverly on 0413 594 461 to apply for one.
  • Points Score Classes

  • Heaven VMX has a 1 bike - 2 classes limit. Both classes must be in the same Era group. The only exception to this rule is 4 strokes where the bike still limited to 2 classes, can be entered in the 4 stroke class, and one other class.
  • Feature Race - Heaven GP Series - Rnd 1 - After Practice on Saturday

  • This year we are trialing an extension to our successful Heaven GP races, into a 4 round, 5 race series. To run after Saturday practice is completed, the first 3 rounds will consist of 1 x Heaven GP race for each era group; Classic - Up to and including Pre 78, and Post Classic - EVO to Pre 90. On each race day, the races will be run separately with a good break in between, so if you have the bikes, members are welcome to enter both. The final of the series will be our traditional 2 Heaven GP rounds run at the final meeting of the year, this year being Dargle Motocross Park. The objective of this series is to give members the opportunity to race 1 x 15 min + 1 lap race after the regular Saturday practice session if they so desire. The 4 round, 5 race series will be scored separately, and trophies will be given out at the final meeting for 1st to 3rd places for the series.
  • Marshaling - Flag Marshaling is compulsory for ALL Senior Entrants

  • Heaven VMX Club shares the marshaling duties among all the senior riders. Please make your First and Alternate choice, and where possible, we will allocate your choice.
  • Canteen

  • Payment

  • By submitting this entry form, I agree to be bound by the rules of the association. I am also aware that being a member of Heaven VMX Inc I have a responsibility when requested to avail myself at each race meeting I enter, to be involved in or assist with the running of the meeting as a Flag Marshal or other duty until the end of the meeting.