2018 Jim Pearson Transport VMX and VETS State of Origin – Port Macquarie – Sept 29 & 30 Back up

Online Entry Form - 2018 Jim Pearson Transport VMX and VETS State of Origin - Port Macquarie - Sept 29 & 30 - Complete one entryform for each rider

  • Race Numbers for this event

  • Please apply for your preferred race number and we'll do our best to facilitate. All number plates on all machines MUST comply with the GCR’s. Classic machines must have the correct class ‘letter’ in place.
  • Saturday & Sunday - The VMX State of Origin

  • At the 2017 VMX State of Origin QLD showed the other states just how good they are. We've heard all the excuses and all the banter, you've had a year to prepare. Now it is time to put up or shut up! NSW! Victoria! What have you got boys and girls? If you think you can knock off QLD, this is your time to shine. Are you up for it?
  • Juniors - All In

  • Kenross Kitchens Ladies - All In - Open to modern and classic machines

  • Golden Plains Myotherapy Pre-75 - All In

  • Camden Haven Marine - Pre78 – All In

  • TeeM8 EVO - All In

  • Camden Haven Motorcycles Pre-85 - All In

  • Brand Concreting Pre-90 - All In

  • Kenross Kitchens Pre-95 All In

  • Camden Haven Marine Open Class - Open to Modern & Classic machines

  • Veterans Open - Open to Modern & Classic machines

  • 125cc All Ins

  • 4 Stroke All Ins

  • Seniors 80-85cc - any 80/85cc MX machine Pre95 or earlier

  • Marshaling - Flag Marshaling will be provided by the event organisers

  • Marshaling has been arranged and is covered by your entry fee. Just relax, get in the zone and focus on scoring the most points for your state team.
  • Canteen

  • There will be a canteen & espresso coffee truck running both days for breakfast & lunch
  • Comments - In this section, let us know any information you think we need to know in relation to your attendance at this race meeting

  • Payment

  • Entry fees are below. Your entry fee for this meeting includes the following: Entry of one rider on one bike - additional bikes can be entered for an extra fee as listed. An old school event racing bib in state colours yours to keep. The hire of Marshals for the event - No riders will be required to marshal. Transport and a meal at the Sunday night presentation dinner at the Wauchope Country Club.
  • By submitting this entry form, I agree to be bound by the rules of the association and event regulations.