Open for Discussion & Submissions – Improvements to our Home Track

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What would you like to see improved at our Home Track?

At our recent General Meeting at the CRC on Saturday September 7, it was brought up in general business that the current Grass Track seems too susceptible to inclement weather and after rains, takes a long time to dry out. Over the past 3 years the club simply hasn’t been able to utilize the Grass Track enough to justify the maintenance involved in its upkeep. It was suggested that the members look at potential new sections to the track on higher ground. In the discussions, the following points were raised,

The objectives are:

  • Make better use of the land to provide a better ride/race experience for all club members.
  • Make all changes safe and ridable by all levels of rider.
  • Utilize more of the high ground which drains naturally to avoid wet conditions making the track unusable.
  • Create a track layout which gives members a variety of track layouts to race/ride around, some best suited to older bikes and some best suited to newer bikes. Achieve this by creating a number sections we can include or omit.
  • Create some ‘fun’ sections which are specifically designed for a rider thrill.
  • Create more multi line sections to avoid the track being too one lined and improve the racing.
  • When designing new track sections, design it in a way where we minimize extra flag marshals required.

Members are invited to make submissions on any other objectives they would like to have considered in this process and their take on what they would like to see in the design and layout of new track sections.

To assist in this process, we have created a track template you can download, print out and sketch your ideas on. Please scan and email your design ideas or hand them over to club officials at the next event. We’ll upload them here for all members to see.

Download a Bulahdelah Track Template Here

This Track Template has both existing Tracks drawn in

The first proposal submitted is by Ken Swan (222)