Using Ridernet to Enter a Meeting


Step by Step guide below
Step 1
Sign in to your Ridernet Profile  Sign in at this link

Step 2
Hover over ‘Events’ and select ‘Available Events’

Step 3
In the drop downs
Select State: Motorcycling NSW
Select Club: Heaven VMX Inc
Click Search

Step 4
You should now see this – Click Enter

Step 5
From this view, select one of the Numbered Payment Classes at the top

Step 6
Note, at this stage the Ridernet System is going to ask you to add at least one bike to your Profile you’ll be able to use later. For this step just choose any bike you own. TIP: In the Manufacturer Field, add the Year as well. Later on you’ll see why.
NOTE: Every time you enter a class, be sure to add your Race Number. Ridernet does not store your Race Number

Click Add Bike
Choose the bike you just added
Click Save

Step 7
Then go though and select your Age Class(es)
Note: From your profile Ridernet knows your age so will only show you the classes you can enter

Step 8
Select your Classic bike Era Class(es) and add the bike(s) you will be riding

Step 9
Select your Post Classic bike Era Class(es) and add the bike(s) you will be riding

Step 10
Select your Extra Class(es) (If applicable) and add the bike(s) you will be riding
Note: All entrants please select the Rec Riding Class – For our events, all entrants will automatically be added to this class

Step 11
Select Your Bracket Racing Class(es) and add the bike(s) you will be riding

Step 12
Click Register
Step 13
At this stage, if you do not have an Annual MA Competition Licence, the system will ask you if you want to purchase one. Select Yes

Step 14
You’ll be taken to this page – Make Payment and check out